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2010 Player Countdown
Gracie Wrote:Hully RM says he is taking a 6 mionth holiday. How long is that is normal posting time?

6 hours. Tops. He'll be gagging for it like the rest of us come qtr to 5.
Gracie Wrote:Hully RM says he is taking a 6 mionth holiday. How long is that is normal posting time?

Like Dog years. By my calculations 7 hrs rest!
Sensational effort RMel, I loved reading this thread every day! Smile

As for DH, so far I like what I see, let's hope everyone's hard work translates into a win tomorrow night!
2010/2011/2012 Sponsor of Jake King
Nom and rep given - I have learnt my lesson *coy face*....Great stuff Rich! Now get back on your computer and tell me how much we'll win by tomorrow night!
Thanks everyone. A bit of an effort to get it done, stay up late and post etc, but worthwhile that everyone enjoyed it and got to chat about the players for the past nearly two months.

Now, on with the footy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As LnC would say - I'm bloody PUMPED!!!! Big Grin
Paid up 2017 Member.
great call RM Big Grin
Deledio. Martin. Riewoldt. Cotchin. Astbury
The makings of a dynasty!
A stellar effort RichMel. You've made the time go that little bit quicker.
Loved your DH piece. [:-thumbu]

Sponsor 2019- Jack Ross
Well done Rich, it's been a great read again, and helped the final part of the off season go that little bit faster. Smile

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