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Blind Tipping 2010
Ok guys and girls the season will be upon us before we know. So therefore I am getting in early.

For those who do not know how this works it is simply I send out a list of the all the games in all 22 home and away rounds for season 2010. You select the team you think will win each game for the full year and return the list to me before the first bounce of the first game.

If you want to be included just send me a PM with your email address. I will send the list out towards the end of February.

Past Winners

2009 TigerAdam and Jupps
2008 Dean#00 and JustMike
2007 fightingfury and Tiger10
2006 Jezza
2005 x-cited
2017 Advocate for the Rising Star Jack Graham
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it. Ronald Dahl 1978
I'm in. Let the title defence begin!
Dustin Martin + Don't Argue = You on your Arse
I'm in too.

Please don’t PM me with help issues as I won’t respond. Use the Help & Suggestions Forum.
2018 - Fighting Tiger Fund Patron
2018 - Official Richmond Cheer Squad Member
Can't resist a challenge
Sponsor of Daniel Butler 2015-17
2005-2014 Sponsor of Daniel Jackson

Member of Yellow and Black the greatest of all Football Sites.Cool
yeah im again, always a bit of fun.
Proud Advocate of Robin Nahas and Brad Helbig in 2012!!
I'm planning to take it out this year
The extra f is for fanatical
Good to see you are planning a win PO, wouldn't want you to plan to not win Wink

Count me in
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Proud Co-Advocate of Reece Conca and Tyrone Vickery in 2013
Did I really win in 08? I cant remember. Anyway, Ill have another crack this year...
How many bribery offers have you received so far, Gracie?
[COLOR=rgb(255, 140, 0)]MY AVATAR: [SIZE=4]1967 WEG tiger[/SIZE][/COLOR]
Somebodies gotta hold up the ladder, I'm in!

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