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2010 Coaching Thread - Hardwick is chosen (merged from other threads)
Hargrave backs Cameron as a coach, at the Dogs

WESTERN Bulldogs defender Ryan Hargrave believes assistant coach Leon Cameron is an ideal candidate for a senior post but doesn't want the club to lose him.

Cameron, he says, has the mettle and qualities to hold a top job, though Hargrave hopes it won't be at Richmond or anywhere other than the Kennel.

"I can absolutely see him coaching, but I wouldn't want to lose him from here," he told afl.com.au.

"Hopefully down the track sometime when Rodney (Eade) decides to hang his hat up, Leon can slip straight into the Bulldogs role."

Hargrave, 27, has had a lot to do with Cameron since the former Bulldog and Tiger arrived at Whitten Oval for the 2004 season.


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Re: Leon Cameron anyone?

Pass, I think.

[thinks for a moment]

Yep, pass.
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Re: Leon Cameron anyone?

Loved Leon in his playing days with us, but as our coach.....NO.

Only 3 serious contenders on the list IMHO.

In no particular order......McKenna, Hardwick, Buckley.

Any of these and i'll be very pleased.
Andrew Read
Re: Leon Cameron anyone?

I heard on SEN that it was Cameron, a former teammate of Scott West that told him his time was up. Definitely has the mettle me thinks.
2014 PREMIERSSmile
Re: Leon Cameron anyone?

i would love McKenna too, but i have'nt mentioned him much because im pretty sure he will end up coaching the GC
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Re: Leon Cameron anyone?

Ryan who?

Seriously, who gives a flying **** what this Hargrave muppet thinks?
Re: Leon Cameron anyone?

hully Wrote:Ryan who?

Seriously, who gives a flying **** what this Hargrave muppet thinks?

Its a sucker deal. The dogs are trying to con us so they can beat on our arses for another 5 years.
Its the Suede Denim Secret Police, theyve come for YOU Mofo.
Re: Leon Cameron anyone?

Its becoming ridiculous these articles about whether someone thinks someone else would be a good coach. Who gives a shit. If the club wanted to listen to everyones opinion they'd have the list narrowed down to about 300.

Just on Cameron. Last year they went into the match planning at the doggies with Eade, Cameron, Campbell and Bond (maybe?). Cameron appeared to be the left-field thinker of the group. He just appeared to think about things differently. Not sure whether thats good or bad for a senior coach. It may really depend on how they think under pressure during the match.
Re: Leon Cameron anyone?

Get me a gun now please. **** me ! can't we just keep the **** away from anything Western / Footscray / Bulldogs ( or whatever they're called this year ) for a few decades.

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Re: Leon Cameron anyone?

Black's favourite place for Bulldogs....

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