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New version of forum software coming soon

Well done. I think the layout is clearer, and like most things, when it's new it will take time to adjust. I agree that the text is sharper, and as with many upgarades with new features, the additional "fat" takes a bit longer to load. But I'm looking forward to all the new potential bells and whistles!Big Grin
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Good work Ned. It will take time to get used to. When I first saw the home page I thought it was pretty busy, but there's just a lot of info there that's all. It's no biggie. Thanks for fitting this in with your day job Big Grin

And I don't want to see anyone else even HINT at sacrificing Nathan Foley!!!! Oh the humanity!!!!
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In my little summary box top right it says I have 1 notification.
If I expand it down, it says 1 moderated post, but if I click on the 1 I get the "You do not have access to view this page" notification.
Should I be able to see that?
Nah, that's for moderators only. Forget you ever saw it Smile
The extra f is for fanatical
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Just to expand on that a little....with the introduction of the latest version of the forum software, the Notification area (where you saw this notification) is now the main area for information regarding Private Messages, Friend Requests, and so forth.

The Coaching Panel and Leaders also receive notifications in this area when any posts need to be approved. At this point, the software has a bug which means that everyone will receive a notification when there is a post waiting to be approved.

You receive that error message because you're unable to approve posts - which means that that part of the new software is working correctly. I expect the bug in the notification area to be fixed soon.

Sorry for any confusion.

Please don’t PM me with help issues as I won’t respond. Use the Help & Suggestions Forum.
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