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This is what I could find on Putt

Weaver 18. Richmond - Dean Putt

So what to footy clubs want in their XMas stocking every November? Porn and fireworks? No. Talls blokes who can run, jump, take a mark and kick it to blokes wearing the same jumper as them. Putt started the year in the ruck and was handy. Was moved out to a HFF where he was mobile and showed jaw-dropping handling at shoe-lace level for a bloke who is the right side of 202cm. He can kick. He can work as a Paul Salmon FF. Richmond need height but would not be keen on gorillas. Putt shapes as a ruck-forward who would be the perfect partner for the up-and-at-em Pattison. Temptation to address the forward and ruck weaknesses with one pick must appeal to a club reluctant to invest in traditional talls. Richmond have always been suckers for a good finals campaign.

Calder Cannons, VIC, Ruckman, April 10 1989, 202.5cm, 89.7kg
One of the best prospects from this year's state-based screening, Putt is a little difficult to place in the overall scenario, although in recent weeks he has firmed as a likely draft prospect. Essendon, with just two ruckmen on its list David Hille and Jason Laycock look set to grab a big man at some point. If it doesn't opt for Ben McEvoy or Tom Bellchambers earlier, it may pounce on Putt. Along with the Dons, Putt has also been linked with the Kangaroos, Melbourne, St Kilda and Collingwood.
Bio: Athletic tall with good speed and endurance combination, highlighted by 2.93sec for 20m and 14.1 Beep Test at the recent NAB AFL State Screening Session.
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Gracie they spoke about Putt on Tuesday night. Very athletic and quick. I think he is 2.93 secs for 20m sprint.
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Very happy with this pick. 203cm and skillful.

Should be given time.
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Welcome to RFC Dean Putt!Smile

surely this means we won't pick Richards, surely..... please
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fadoob Wrote:Welcome to RFC Dean Putt!Smile

surely this means we won't pick Richards, surely..... please

We can only hope....
... I got nothing
We needed a ruck and we actually got one, kind of disconcerting actually Smile
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Not too fussed about missing out on Moran now, Putt is taller, is almost as quick and has more of a football background.
Welcome to RFC Putt. May you enjoy many years of success! I'm happy we picked him up as that has got to mean no Richards.Smile
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welcome putt Big Grin
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I'm really happy with this pick. I reckon we've done really well with this draft - and picking up Putt only makes Richards look less of a chance of coming now so i'm even happier Smile


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