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Rejected (bouncing) e-mails
Bounced (rejected) e-mail messages from this site are starting to become an issue as the number of them is increasing. At present, there are up to about 50 bounced e-mails per week when Newsletters are sent or approximately 10 in non-Newsletter weeks.

E-mail is sent to Members when a Newsletter, activation message (on registration), a Welcome on activation, birthday e-mail, etc. This doesn't count any e-mail sent from one Member to another or the odd special announcement. As you can see, there's a fair amount of e-mail traffic being generated to Members. This is one reason that it's important to ensure that your e-mail address is current. The other reason is to ensure that site Members are here for the right reason - to discuss the Tiges, not to post spam or the like.

With this in mind, I've developed a strategy which is designed to ensure that Member contact details are kept up to date. I've also developed a process to deal with e-mail that is rejected.

To ensure that your e-mail isn't rejected, follow this simple check list:
  • If you use your ISP e-mail account, make sure to change your e-mail address in your UserCP if you change your ISP.
  • If you use Hotmail or Yahoo! (or similar) make sure you clear your messages regularly to ensure that your mailbox doesn't reject messages once your mailbox quota is reached.
  • Add '[email protected]' (or the entire '' domain if possible) to your e-mail provider's 'White' (or trusted e-mail senders) list. Most e-mail providers will automatically allow all mail from users in your Contact/Address Book to send mail to you without rejection. This will reduce the incidence of mail being rejected as possible SPAM.
The process will differ depending on whether you have already activated your account. For those of you have already activated your account, the process is:
  • When I receive a bounced e-mail advice for your e-mail address, I'll change your User Group to the 'Users Awaiting Email Confirmation' group.
  • Next time you login, you'll be shown a message indicating that you haven't activated your User Account. In addition, your Username will appear in Pink on the Online Users list and on any posts that you've made. [URL=""]You may request your Activation details to be e-mailed to you by clicking this link[/URL]. Make sure that you'll be able to receive the e-mail that is sent to you by adopting one of the methods above, or simply change your e-mail address in your UserCP to a current e-mail address.
  • If you have posted on at least 10 occasions (i.e. been promoted to the 'New Draftee' or 'Registered User' User Group) your registration will be deleted after 6 Months of inactivity. Members with less than 10 posts will be deleted after 1 Month of inactivity. Activity is defined as logging into the site. As a Member of the 'Users Awaiting Email Confirmation' group you won't be able to post until you activate your registration. Once this is done, you'll resume your original User Group along with all the privileges that User Group has.
  • New Members who have signed up and failed to Activate their registration within 1 Month will be deleted. I'll send an e-mail reminder a week or so prior to deletion pointing out the need to activate the registration. If the reminder e-mail is rejected, the Member account is then deleted.
  • New Members who have signed up and have had their Activation e-mail rejected will be deleted immediately. Repeated sign-ups using e-mail addresses that reject the activation e-mail will result in that e-mail address being banned so it can no longer be used to register.
These measures will obviously restrict the number of Members shown in the statistics. However, it will ensure that those people who are counted as Members are all actual people (not spammers) who want to be a Member of this site. This process will obviously take up some of my time to administer however, if rejected e-mails are reduced it will be time well spent!

Please don’t PM me with help issues as I won’t respond. Use the Help & Suggestions Forum.
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I think that's more than fair, Ned.

ZGeek's email address policy is to actually disable accounts after 1 month (I think it's 1 month) of rejections. I was nearly on the receiving end of it once when I move ISP.

Of course they get a HUGE number of forum spammers tryin gto sell products and websites etc, so their iron fist is pretty justified.
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Another bunch of rejected e-mails arrived yesterday (47 to be precise) following the Newsletter mailout.

I deleted those Members who were already in the 'Users Awaiting Email Confirmation' Usergroup who had not logged in for 12 Months or more. I also moved several Members with substantial postcounts to this group as their e-mails were rejected (you'll know who you are as your username now appears in pink and you're unable to post).

Most of the rejected e-mails are sent to Hotmail and Yahoo! accounts. I'd just like to reiterate my previous suggestion to all Hotmail and Yahoo! e-mail users to make sure that e-mails from [EMAIL="'[email protected]'"]'[email protected]'[/EMAIL] are on your safe senders list. Another suggestion for all users is to ensure that your mailbox isn't too full to accept any further mail as this causes some rejections as well.

Please don’t PM me with help issues as I won’t respond. Use the Help & Suggestions Forum.
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