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2019 Player Countdown
Bolton reported didn't feature prominently in the intraclub

He played well in the Mids in the VFL in the later part of the year
I saw him in the GWS game in Sydney and he didn't look out of place
The only trouble was we , as a team were very flat and GWS were very pumped and switched on
which meant not as many opportunities for a our forwards
I feel the need , The need for SPEED
OK to the third of our draftees and one that is increasingly looking a good find. #27 Jack Ross

Jack is 186cm and 88kg. His DOB is 3/9/2000 so will be 18 for all of this season.

From Noble Park via Caufield. Won Oakleigh Charges best and fairest from just 12 games after missing selection in Vic Metro for 2018. Interestingly he captained Vic Metro at under 16 level.

So here we have a guy good enough to be captain of an under 16 representive team but then not good enough to get selected in the under 18 at all. He then goes out and wins a best and fairest in just 12 games.

From all pre-seasons reports across the various Tiger supporter sites the feed back on Ross has been very positive. Size and work ethic are good.

Fraser Turner reads well and now this guy, only three months older, reads better. Stay calm Gracie stay calm.

And now our first round draftee #26 Riley Collier-Dawkins

Riley is 193cm and 88kg. His DOB is 3/2/2000 so will be 19 for all this season.

Hails from Waverley Blues via Salesian. Also played for Oakleigh Chargers

Now if you thought Turner was good and Ross better then here is the cream on top.

Size and skill. Whispers are that the inner sanctum is highly impressed with Riley.

Now getting completely ahead of myself we know Jack Graham is an A grade mid. We know Higgins is looking likely as an A grade mid. Now, stay with me here, if Riley gets to A+ level and Ross and Turner get to B+ or better level then we have our next mid field rotation already sorted for the next 12 years
2017 Advocate for the Rising Star Jack Graham
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it. Ronald Dahl 1978
Jack Ross - there's something about him I said he could make it when looking at his highlights , but then Bolton and Stengle caught my eye and couldn't make a regular gig ,
Ross and RCD getting recognition for good preseasons

be great to see him get a run in the JLT
I feel the need , The need for SPEED
Next up is the Widow Maker #25 Toby Nankervis

Toby is 199cm and 102kg. His DOB is 12/8/1994. Still only 24 turning 25 in August.

Hails from Georgetown (Tas) via North Launceston (Tas) via Sydney. Traded by Sydney to the Tigers in 2016 for draft pick #45. Originally taken in the 2013 National Draft at #35

Premiership Player and Richmond Football Club Life Member.

Has played 59 AFL games (12 for Sydney) with 23 in 2018. Has kicked 21 career goals with 7 in 2018.

Averages 14.5 disposals 22 hitouts and 4 tackles.

Was ranked third for clearances in 2018 behind Martin and Cotchin. Also was 4th for contested possessions

Warrior.....and a young warrior to boot
2017 Advocate for the Rising Star Jack Graham
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it. Ronald Dahl 1978
lol widow maker
I feel the need , The need for SPEED
Next is #23 Kane Lambert

Kane is 178cm and 77kg. His DOB is 26/11/1991 so he will be 27 for all of the 2019 season

Is from Preston (Vic) via Northern U18 via Northern Blues. Was taken at #46 in the 2015 Rookie Draft and then elevated to the main list at the end of that year.

Premiership Player and Richmond Football Club Life Member. 2nd in our best and fairest last year and 3rd in 2017. All Australian Nominee 2018. 14 career Brownlow votes with 12 in 2018

An ankle injury affected his output late in the 2018 season.

Josh Caddy is next. #22

Josh is 186cm and 88kg solid boy. DOB is 28/09/1992. So will turn 27 just before the Grand Final : )

From Eltham (Vic) via Northern U18 via Gold Coast Suns Via Geelong. Came to us in 2016 via a trade with Geelong for picks 26 and 60 (we also got pick #56 which ended up being pick #53 and we selected Jack Graham). He was originally taken at pick 7 in the 2010 draft by Gold Coast Suns but then trade to Geelong in 2012 for a round one compo pick and pick 57.

Premiership Player and Richmond Football Club Life Member

All Australian Nominee 2018. Rising Star Nominee 2012. Has 17 career Brownlow votes with 7 in 2018.

Has played 139 AFL games - 44 for Richmond, 71 for Geelong and 24 for the Suns. Has kicked 143 career goals 46 in 2018

Averages 17 disposals and 3.6 tackles

Injury interrupted preseason and will miss first few games in 2019

And finally bringing us up to date we have #21 Jacob Townsend

Jacob is 188cm and 87kg. Another solid boy. DOB is 20/6/1993 so will turn 26 in the middle of the season.

Jacob is from Leeton (NSW Riverina) via NSW/ACT Rams via GWS academy. He was picked up by GWS through zoning concessions in 2011. Traded to Richmond in 2014 for a 4th round pick which GWS did not use. Delisted in 2018 and retaken by Richmond in the 2019 rookie draft at pick #32

Premiership Player and Richmond Football Club Life Member

Liston Trophy winner 2017. 1 career brownlow vote

Jacob has played 47 AFL games 10 in 2018. He has kicked 32 career goals 10 in 2018 but we will fondly remember his 16 goals in 5 games at the end of the 2017 season

Hard tough footballer. He would be playing every week at a lower placed club
2017 Advocate for the Rising Star Jack Graham
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it. Ronald Dahl 1978
Saturday was the new man #19 Tom Lynch

Tom is 199cm and 99kg. His DOB is 31/10/1992 so he is 26 for all of this season.

Is from Sorrento (Vic) via Dandenong via Gold Coast suns. Came to us in last years trade period as a free agent. Originally selected at #11 by Gold Coast in the 2010 Draft

He was Gold Coast Best and Fairest 2015 and 2016 as well as its leading goal kicker 2014, 2015,2016 and 2017. All-Australian 2016. 5 Brownlow votes in 2018 and 32 over all. Gold Coast Captain 2017-18.

He has played 131 AFL games with 10 in 2018. He has kicked 254 career goals with 20 in 2018

Coming back from a knee operation. The time frame of recovery is worrying some people but with a 7 year contract I am comfortable with the club and Lynch being overly cautious

Sunday was the back line king #18 Alex Rance

Alex is 194cm and 95kg. DOB is 9/10/1989 so he will be 29 for all of this season.

He is from Noranda (WA) via Swans Districts (WAFL).

Alex was taken at #18 in the 2007 National Draft as a priority pick selection.

Premiership player and Richmond Football Club life member.

Jack Dyer winner 2015 and runner up 2016 and 2017. All-Australian 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 (and named as Captain) and 2018

is on 199 games so should play his 200th against @#$%ton in Round 1

Has kicked 9 career goals

One of the best footballers I have seen and the best fullback.

Champion player and seems like a great team mate

Yesterday was #17 Daniel Rioli

Daniel is 179cm and 76kg. DOB is 16/4/1997 so will turn 22 early in the season

Is from St Marys (NT) via East Point (Vic) via St Pats College via Northern Ballarat U18. Taken at #15 in the 2015 National Draft

Premiership Player and Richmond Football Club Life member.

Has played 55 AFL games with 12 in 2018. Has kicked 51 career goals with 13 in 2018

Top line player already with huge work ethic. And only 22 so we get to see him for many years to come.
2017 Advocate for the Rising Star Jack Graham
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it. Ronald Dahl 1978
Kane Lambert - to my eye is threatening to break out to a new level , sounds crazy , he seems to straighten up our attack when he finds the ball
seems to be rearing to go by the look of the JLT 1 game , can also see attention on Dusty and Prestia giving Kane some freedom , isn't great having so many classy midfield options :-)

Caddy - what a transformation he has made since arriving , he had plenty of critics , his goal kicking was very shaky , he wasn't taking that many marks
but late in 2017 the set shots started going thru , he started to look more comfortable and by the time of the finals he was an important player
2018 rolls on and POW , he taking species , hardly ever misses a set shot and throws his body around without fear , his role will most likely be redefined again this year in a new look forward line, I would say you have to forget his form at Geelong & GC , he is a mature confident player now and playing in a side where he thrives

Townsend - is was a little sad watching the 2018 Towner , 2017 sees him win the Liston Medal and he sneaks into the top side very late in the season
he throws himself around like a human missile and creates some kaos for our small forwards and has a crazy conversion rate, it was the stuff dreams are made of.
Bring on 2018 , he possession rate drops , his set shot kicks came back to a more normal rate , his game then gets more negative/defensive and his opposite number sags off for rebound posessions , he gets dropped to the VFL and then to suffer a broken leg.
Bring on 2019 and I would fear he will become an early victim of our growing list strength , but you have to hand it to the guy , he leaves it all out on the ground and bleeds Y&B

Tom Lynch - the "great white hope" so to speak , were we living on borrowed time with the undersized forward line ?
We aren't reliant on Lynch saving the club , more hoping he changes the mix and keeps opposition clubs both guessing and stretched
He also provides over lap for the eventual retirement of Riewoldt
I think most Tigers fans will have dry mouths ...... we have salivated so much since getting him LOL
Getting him is a gamble due to his knee injury but that was well known and we wait with much anticipation
I feel the need , The need for SPEED
Yesterday was #16 Maverick Weller

Maverick is 182cm and 85kg. DOB is 13/2/1992 so has just turned 27.

Hails from Burnie Dockers (Tas) via Tasmania U18 via Gold Coast via St Kilda. He came to us as a 2018-19 pre-season supplementary selection. Previosu to that he was taken by Gold Coast as a 17 year old access selection. Then delisted and picked up by St Kilda as a rookie selection in the 2014 rookie draft. Elevated to their main list at the end of that year.

So quite an unique way to carve out 121 AFL games. Has kicked 58 goals

Played OK in the first JLT game on the weekend. Not sure he can work his way into the top 22 full time in front of Bolton, Butler, Castagna, Rioli, Caddy

Today we have #15 Jayden Short

Jayden is 178cm and 75kg. DOB is 24/1/96 so recently turned 23 so still quite young

Jayden is from Bundoora (Vic) via Northern U18. He was selected at #11 in the 2015 rookie draft then elevated to the main list at the end of 2016.

Has played 56 AFL games with 24 in 2018. Has kicked 9 career goals - generally cherry picking by getting the handball from the teammate lining up from outside 50m. Deadly boot on him.

New kick out rules might be in his favour as would the 6-6-6 with his speed from the back half.
2017 Advocate for the Rising Star Jack Graham
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it. Ronald Dahl 1978
Maverick - comes to us at no cost , due to his history of injury , there is a quiet bit of hype around

he didn't get many mentions from the practice game on the weekend but his stats were ok 14 disposals , 9 marks , 5 tackles and a goal
he has played in teams/clubs that were really struggling , he will now have a very new environment , both the VFL & AFL sides are loaded with talent and very structured
hopefully it gives him the opportunity to be a late bloomer

I would say don't judge/dismiss him on his form in the first half of the season , give him time to settle and adjust

the knocks on him have been one on one defense and hitting targets
Looked promising early , then slipped out of favour , was he one of five players that went to Brazil ? because he was seen as a future leadership group like figure
there have been reports he has worked very hard in the off season , in the community camp on the gold coast dazzled with skills

In the weekends game Houli dazzled with 35 disposals , Short still had 29 and drew plenty of praise
Could be in for a big year
I feel the need , The need for SPEED

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