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2019 Player Countdown
what not a bite , disappointing

Menadue has had a few tastes of first grade and has looked promising
seemed to be able to cover lots of ground and get on the end of scoring moves

in one game last year , he looked nervous early on (probably told "this is your big chance") , he looked like he was working hard but just not finding the ball

He will compete with the likes of K Mac and Ellis for a spot and they are seasoned performers and then has someone like Naish who might over take him in the pecking order if he's not doing his best.

He faces a tough task breaking into the side
I feel the need , The need for SPEED
More than handy depth...
(15-02-2019, 09:46)Gracie Wrote: Today we have the enigmatic Connor Menadue.


Difficult to interpret or understand; mysterious.

Early 17th century: from French énigmatique or late Latin aenigmaticus, based on Greek ainigma ‘riddle’.

Not really a riddle with Connor I suspect unfortunately.
Hi guys sorry for the big break in transmission. Had a wonderous family event to attend and forgot to take my ipad.

So where were we???
2017 Advocate for the Rising Star Jack Graham
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it. Ronald Dahl 1978
we'd stalled on Menadue

hope it was a good event
I feel the need , The need for SPEED
OK I make Callum Moore as our next player up for discussion.

Callum wears the #36 jumper. He is 193cm and 92kg. DOB is 3 September 1996 so he will turn 23 in the finals.

Hails from Aberfeldie (Vic) via Calder U18. Taken with our first selection (no 12 overall) in the 2016 Rookie Draft. Elevated to the main list in 2018.

Has played 8 AFL games with 6 in 2018 and has kicked 5 goals with 4 in 2018.

Has played well in the VFL and kicked 26 goals in 12 games. Has worked on his contested marking. Also has elite speed and agility.

At 22 for most of this season Callum is improving nicely and with further progress should make a run at the top side this year and press for top 22 next year and beyond (if there is a spot for him that is)

For Sunday 17th it would have been # 35 Nathan Broad.

Nathan is 192cm and 89kg. His DOB is 15/4/93 so will turn 26 early in the new season. Didn't realise he was that old.

He comes from Upper Swan (WA) via Swan Districts (WAFL). He was taken in the 5th round (#67 overall) in the 2015 National Draft.

Nathan is a premiership player and Life Member of the Richmond Football Club.

Averages just under 12 disposals per game and 2.3 tackles. Stats not flash but he is a proven defender and is a fixture in the Tigers backline.

Monday the 18 and it was time for my main man #34 Jack Graham

Champion Jack is 181cm and 82kg. DOB is 25/2/98 so TODAY IS HIS 21st birthday. Happy birthday Jack!!

Jack hails from Tea Tree Gully (SA) via North Adelaide (SANFL). He was taken as our 3rd round selection (#53 overall) in the 2016 National Draft

Premiership Player and Richmond Football Club Life Member

Jack has played just 23 AFL games with 18 in 2018. He has kicked 11 career goals with 6 in 2018 and who could forget his 3 straight in the 2017 premiership?

A shoulder injury towards the end of the 2018 home and away slowed his output and he maybe would have been better going straight to surgery instead on delaying to play finals and now is on catch up over this preseason.

Averages 13.9 disposals and an astounding 6.2 tackles.

Now with just 23 games he should be looking to increase his attacking game and raise the disposals to 20 and beyond over this season and 2019.
2017 Advocate for the Rising Star Jack Graham
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it. Ronald Dahl 1978
(25-02-2019, 13:51)ceehook Wrote: we'd stalled on Menadue

hope it was a good event

Thanks Chook. Wonderful event. Had a great time. But back to reality now.

For Tuesday 19 we have Kamdyn McIntosh

Kamdyn is 191cm and 91kg. DOB is 3/4/94 so he will turn 25 early in the season. Just coming into his prime.

Is originally from Pinjarra (WA) via Peel Thunder (WAFL). Was taken in the second round (#31 overall) of the 2012 National Draft.

Premiership Player and Richmond Football Club Life Member

Rising star nominee 2015. Has 2 career Brownlow votes

Strong running wingman. Had a mixed 2018 being dropped mid season but coming back strongly. Tough

Averages 15 disposals and 2.6 tackles. Has played 74 AFL games 18 in 2018 and has kicked 19 career goals, 9 in 2018

Wednesday 20 had us at the first of the 2018 draftees Luke English

Luke wears jumper #32. He is 181cm and 79kg. DOB is 20/8/2000 so 18 for the majority of this season.

He is from Perth and played for the Perth Demons. He has been compared to Matt Priddis. In 2017 won the Jack Clarke medal as the best player in the WA Colts.

Would expect Luke will spend 2019 in the seconds.

Next is number 31 Oleg Markov

Lego is 188cm and 80kg. His DOB is 8 May 1996 so will turn 23 during the season. Still a pup.

He hails from Gepps Cross (SA) via North Adelaide (SANFL). Taken at #50 in the 2015 National Draft

2018 was a non event for Oleg due to injury. Started the year slowly recovering from shoulder problems. Then had hamstring/quad issue before a knee injury ended his year.

Has played 15 AFL games and kicked 3 goals

I remember watching Oleg and he had this great side step. Thought to myself not many players have that ability and he might be one to watch. Hopefully he is over his injury problems because he has an opportunity to get into the top side and stay there this year.
2017 Advocate for the Rising Star Jack Graham
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it. Ronald Dahl 1978
Callam Moore seemed to get regular wraps from the recent internal practice game
with a theme of he looks like AFL standard or looks above VFL standard

in his AFL games last year he was looking like a Townsend replacement , he was being attaching towards the footy looking lively , but his kicking was letting him down

If he doesn't crack it for our top side this year , I'd like to seem he go elsewhere for an opportunity like Miles/Lloyd/C Ellis
he dam close but cracking if for a regular spot in our top grade is very hard at the moment


Nathan Broad - was looking great until his cheekbone , I think that broke his form/confidence too
He interested to see how he kicks off this year


Jack Graham - his debut season was a hard act to follow , I felt he was doing ok until the shoulder , he also got a good wrap from the intra club
its a mouth watering thought that such a strongly build mid could have something of a break out year this season as the opposition heat is directed at Martin/Cotch/Lambert/Prestia

K-mac divides people , if rumours are true Rioli could be on a wing this year , that also sees Ellis, Grigg, Markov, Moore all competing for similar spots
Grigg injured atm but competition will be hot and a good or two will sit in the seconds
Rioli is in a league above all the others mentioned , I would have his spot in the starting 18 safe , K-Mac and others are fighting for top 22 .

Markov - the club has shown faith and patience , now we will see what he has over the course of the year
I feel the need , The need for SPEED
If it’s not Towna, and it won’t be, someone needs to be hitting bodies like Towna
So we are up to Friday's man. #29 Shai Bolton

A bit of a forgotten man right now with the focus on Lynch and the 2018 draftees.

Shai is 175cm and 76kg. DOB is 8/12/98 so will be 21 for all this season.

He comes from Forrestdale (WA) via South Fremantle (WAFL). He was taken at #29 in the 2016 National Draft.

Has played 9 AFL games, 3 in 2018 and kicked 4 career goals with 1 in 2018.

He suffered a knee injury late in the 2018 season

Also a bit of a mystery as to where he will end up as he can play forward, back or in the middle.

Definitely has an X factor about him. Remains to be seen if he has the ability to also do all the team things.

Next up is the second of our new draftees #28 Fraser Turner

Fraser is 187cm and 76kg so needs more size. DOB 26/12/00 so only turned 18 two months ago. Could be a bonus being so young. Could he have a big improvement curve in him. If born 6 days later he would be in this years National Draft and with another year in juniors he might have shot up the draft order. So we could have a smokey here....maybe

He is from Clarence (Jack Riewoldt's home town???) Tasmania where he was playing against men. Reportedly has good football smarts and running ability.

After reading up on him I am going to be interested to see how he goes as I smell smoke
2017 Advocate for the Rising Star Jack Graham
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it. Ronald Dahl 1978

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