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2018 draft thread
(27-11-2018, 16:00)Vines Wrote:
(26-11-2018, 20:12)Bones Wrote:
(26-11-2018, 19:54)Vines Wrote: Weller is a good character I think.

Why? Because he is a maverick? 

I think the club needs to get beyond "deny, deny, deny" in 2019.

He went to the school my mum taught at (same school as our CEO incidentally)...given, that was a long time ago.

I thought it might be something Vandemonian...
(26-11-2018, 14:57)TigerHardwick Wrote: and now we have asked AFL to have Sydney Stack train with us, a very talented WA boy overlooked in draft due to commitment
Has that much ability but not the mind so hopefully that changes
Harley Bennell ish

Nothing wrong with the kid just his environment. My mail is he doesn't indulge but that violence and family troubles hurt him. Got into a fight defending a sibling. Good chance to flourish at Tigerland. Best place for him.
Now then now then now now then now now then then now now then. Now then!
I don't know what l think of the draft,people compare Dawk to Cripps,but l think they are a bit different,Dawk lacks a bit of endurance,but is probably quicker,l think he's more a forward type than mid,it will interesting to see how he develops in 2019.
Jack Ross is a solid selection,he's strong at the contest ,l think he might turn out a Afl player,Frazer Turner ,lm surprised they call him a mid,l think he's a flanker,over time he may turn out a wingman type,but at the moment,he's a flanker,but he looks ok .
Luke English is a ok player,he knows how to get the ball,and great endurance,so he will just keep going ,neat skills to.

I like that we brought Weller in,l think he might be good for our team,adds decent depth to the midfield.
searching for players-for mass premiershipsBig Grin
Is that in Bernie? I think my brother taught there many years ago.
(11-12-2018, 18:39)Tora Otaku Wrote: Is that in Bernie? I think my brother taught there many years ago.

Yep. Marist Regional College in Burnie, TO.
That would be the place. Many years since I’ve been to Bernie.

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