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Konrad Marshall’s book
It is very well written.
Marshall is a quality features writer.
It is not one of those ghost-written sports autobiography rush jobs.
Take the time to savour and enjoy.
We waited 37 years for the ultimate success, 16 years for a finals victory.
I was there that miserable night when we were pole-axed by Essendon in 2001, you probably were too.
"Alea iacta est" ("The die is cast") Caesar, crossing the Rubicon to eventually become Emperor, January 10, 49 B.C.
There are two qualities in the world, mediocrity and excellence.
Hard work, discipline, faith and integrity lead to success.
Black, post: 1506729, member: 5108 Wrote:I heard it advertised as being available in 'all good book stores'

Obviously the ones around here are all bad ?

I had to google 'bookstores' to start with , and being that I've never set foot in one , it was always gonna be an adventure.

However , now that I have to somehow determine the good bookstores from the bad , trying to find this book is turning into the bloody Da Vinci code for me. Came in the post quickly from the publisher. I tried to order it on the club site but it kept saying I needed to enter an email address and I already had. Not sure what was the problem.

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