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VFL Grand Final Richmond v Port Melbourne
PROjECT, post: 1504267, member: 4665 Wrote:Did Miles play in the VFL Grand Final?
Just read he had a tight tag. Strange as it is - He'd not get an opponent from Adelaide tagging him if he was playing next week. He'd play better in the AFL.
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Bones, post: 1504242, member: 11173 Wrote:Hope springs eternal. Griff is clearly back to some good form after a pretty horrible year, however -- one of the best takeaways from the game.

HKTiger, post: 1504222, member: 4646 Wrote:Griffiths got his patterns right. Played very well. Got to lots of contests. He thinks he's a chance for next week.

Clearly you guys saw something I didn't. I watched him closely in the second and last qrtrs when he was up the end I was at.

I would say in at least 80% of contests, he was completely outpointed by his opponent. He rarely looked at the ball, was more often than not caught behind his man, and when he did go for the ball, it was almost always with only one hand.

Throw in his absolute idiot moment when he chose inexplicably to ignore (or not see, equally as bad) the two options heading to the square, and popped a little doozy into the Port defense, and, well....

He is good when he's good. He wasn't yesterday, and he hasn't been anywhere enough over his career.
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Disappointed, mainly because we led at every change, except one and we had it to lose and we did.
Bolton is electrifying, but goes missing for long periods, I reckon he and Stengle are next year projects. If there are changes to the seniors I would go with Lloyd and Hampson.
Unfortunately Conca is still wasting the ball, lot's of out of bounds. Morris has run his race. If Cotchin does go I would be inclined to bring in Miles.
But look at the bright side, Stengle, Bolton, Chol, Moore, Menadue, Markov, all players for next year, I like the look of that Beasley and for Port young Krakour looks a real talent.
A game we had won, should have won, but hey, I reckon they did us proud by getting there from fifth.
From what I saw Chol has gone backwards from where he was, perhaps a step back in his development to go forward.
First time I've seen Garthwaite play, he looked composed in the back half.
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Miles is an extractor. The number of times he got the ball and threw it on the boot with a rainbow hoof really hurt us.

Lloyd was awesome.
I can't see a change being made but if there is it will be Bolton I reckon and we will really try and gain an advantage with pace and agility up forward.

I can't see who goes out though so I'm guessing unchanged.
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Mr Babilla, post: 1504277, member: 5441 Wrote:He is good when he's good. He wasn't yesterday, and he hasn't been anywhere enough over his career.

Three goals is three goals. What does Riewoldt average over his career? Griff is never going to be a great player, but he did enough, with the injuries he's had this year, to suggest he has recovered when it wasn't clear if he'd ever play again.
He also went down with a rolled ankle that would be unlikely to be at 100% in 6 days.
If you're committed enough, you can make any story work.

I once told a woman I was Kevin Costner, and it worked because I believed it.
Yes that ankle seemed rather nasty
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