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1st EF RFC v MagFlogs
Teams (squads)




Fortburn Stadium, Port Melbourne

B: 42. R. Garthwaite, 11. J. Batchelor, 55. H. Beasley

HB: 28. T. Hunt, 30. R. Conca, 51. S. Darley

C: 15. J. Short, 26. A. Miles, 37. C. Menadue

HF: 36. C. Moore, 29. S. Bolton, 38. S. Morris

F: 24. B. Griffiths, 44. T. Stengle, 7. B. Lennon

R: 16. S. Hampson, 43. T. Elton, 54. J. Ballard

Int: 20. I. Maric, 47. I. Soldo, 41. M. Chol, 64. T. Silvestro, 78. D. Coffield, 27. S. Lloyd, 57. B. Wood, 32. C. Ellis

23P: 77. M. O’Sullivan

In: J. Batchelor, T. Stengle, C. Menadue, I. Maric, M. O’Sullivan, T. Hunt

Out: J. Aarts, A. Harnett


B: 31. J. Ramsay, 41. H. Schade, 67. M. Smith

HB: 44. L. Mackie, 35. S. McLarty, 63. M. Hore

C: 14. J. Aish, 53. J. Hellier, 26. J. Daicos

HF: 17. C. Brown, 23. L. Keeffe, 16. C. Mayne

F: 27. K. Kirby, 9. J. White, 11. J. Blair

R: 46. M. Cox, 36. B. Sier, 24. J. Thomas

Int: 57. A. Close, 60. J. Kelly, 55. R. Pendlebury, 69. J. Blair, 65. L. Howe, 56. S. Tahana, 47. G. Borthwick, 64. C. Lane

23P: 48. L. Tardrew

In: H. Schade, K. Kirby, J. Daicos, C. Brown, J. Blair, J. Aish, M. Cox, J. Thomas, G. Borthwick

Out: M. Lynch, N. Gray, M. La Fontaine, J. Collopy, K. Beveridge

Wobbles have loaded up on AFL players.

This is an anxiety provoking game, but I would expect we should prevail.

Jake Aarts would have to be one of the unluckiest players. Laugh out loud at the shortest player on the field at full forward. Go Wombo!

-=2016 Advocate for "The Shed"=-
-=2017 Advocate for Ivan (MkII) Soldo=-

______________________Au MRC FTF
No elton, no soldo.

Conditions are blustery and won't suit the talls
-=2016 Advocate for "The Shed"=-
-=2017 Advocate for Ivan (MkII) Soldo=-

______________________Au MRC FTF
Moore looks likely.
Great pressure by Tiges.
Beautiful pass from Chol. If we can develop him like some others, watch out.
Loving the run and carry, pressure is high and we are clearing it well.
Mayne is a joke.
Great mark and pass from Ellis.
Awesome mark from Hampson. Can't hurt his chances.
How good has Ellis been? Some very nice disposals.

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