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2017 VFL Round 10 RFC v NBloos
Black, post: 1497292, member: 5108 Wrote:Good signs for the club when your magoos are winning games by 14 goals.
That'll get coached out of them soon enough. They should know better than to win by 10 goals plus
country-tige, post: 1497276, member: 4669 Wrote:Liked a few things I saw from Graham - kids a worker.
And has speed
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BigTigerCasey, post: 1497315, member: 5585 Wrote:And has speed
That's good to hear. Wasn't that one of the biggest knocks on him as junior?
watched the game on laptop. Really impressed with Broad, Miles and Batchelor. Stengle looked good in patches and Graham looks like he will make it. Corey looked classy with ball in hand, but doesn't seem to want it bad enough for mine.
Stevie Morris copped another injury, shame Ellis didn't have his work ethic.
Chol still looks too raw, but Soldo is definitely improving, especially in his marking.
Haven't seen the 2s much but I thought Bathie looked a better forward prospect than Elton. Good mark, good kick. I guess he is too old to consider rookieing next year.
They may be a real force this year and that is a great sign for the club.

Actually thought Graham was a bit slow. However only watched the last quarter and it was his first full game by the look of it.

However he did get to quite a number of contests (so thinking endurance is good) and got his hands on the ball and made good decisions with no errors.

Need to see more but Graham is going to be a long term player for us in the AFL
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Anyone know how Vlaustin went ????
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ROYCY HART A TRUE CHF, post: 1497385, member: 5412 Wrote:Anyone know how Vlaustin went ????

Here's some highlights

I did see him make some very nice kicking into 50 in the last quarter (which is the only one I saw live)

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