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The Other Games - 2016
17Sash, post: 1468422, member: 9595 Wrote:Commentators were saying it was the worst first round thrashing for Collingpus in almost three decades.
Worse than their first round 70 point thrashing just 2 years ago.
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Ms Tantie, post: 1468415, member: 5678 Wrote:I'd be wary of getting too cocky - if every Tiger is squeaky clean and 100% illicit drug-free then I'd be very surprised. Recreational drug use (and stupidity) is just too entrenched in their generation (I type with my fuddy-duddy brain on).

Ms Tantie.

Whilst I very much doubt we're squeaky clean I figure that if we were one of the other two sides with equallly bad or worse test results it would be splashed all over the papers. Nothing sells like a RFC scandal!
[USER=4642]@ceehook[/USER] i think we beat Adelaide the week after the Geelong 150+ point drubbing?!!! Is that right?
Geez, the Bulldogs are looking good against Freo. Thought it would be a closer game. Round one, hey?
Was speaking to a Saints supporter last week. She was astounded that Freo extended Lyon's contract out to 2020, considering the state he left St Kilda's list in.

Interesting to note Lyon's comments on Crowley going to Essendon. He stated that Freo will be looking to instill a more attractive attacking style of play, so Crowley did not fit that. A few teething problems today................

Maybe they can come back in the 2nd 1/2, Freo have never lost a round 1 game under Lyon.
Vines, post: 1468438, member: 5754 Wrote:[USER=4642]@ceehook[/USER] i think we beat Adelaide the week after the Geelong 150+ point drubbing?!!! Is that right?
2006 rounds 7 & 8 Syd/Adel
2007 round 6 we launch the geelong juggernaught and didn't win the next week
I feel the need , The need for SPEED
I prefer to remember it my way I think...
Interesting to see the sides... mostly young and inexperienced... who ran out of legs in the last Q. New rotations policy?

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Not sure if it was the rotations policy, or newer coaches with more attacking game plans, or older coaches moving with the times, but the 4 games I saw/listened to were fast, hard, tough and relatively open.
At times, the commentators on radio struggled to keep up with the saints/port game.

Someone commented that it was pleasing to see teams stream out of defence and midfielders looking up and having forwards to kick to. [USER=5396]@Anduril[/USER] you would have to think that the rotations cap would force or at least encourage teams to have one or two stay at home forwards.

Good to watch.
And teams died at times, too exhausted to run and link. 3rd quarter between Bullies and Freo was just like last year congested and a rolling maul. In part coz Freo wanted to/needed to shut the game down and in part coz the Bullies couldn't get separation any more. They finally got separation late in the last. Both teams were dead on their feet at the end.

I am curious as to how long that pace can last.
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