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Forum Software Update
Sorry [USER=1]@Ned[/USER], but is broken. Sad

There's no thread listing at right inside threads, and while there are unread posts, the unread posts listing at right of the main listing are all acting as if everything's been read.

Hoping that makes some sense, it's been a long day here...

Ms Tantie.

PS: Thanks for all your hard work though. Smile
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Keep up the good work Ned.

Although I probably need a refresher course in change management.......
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At the risk of going all Inceptionistic, I'm trying to be more constructive.

ISSUE: New posts not showing as new (bold) at right of screen...

[Image: YB1.jpg]

ISSUE: New posts listing not showing at right of screen as it used to...

[Image: YB2.jpg]

Hoping that is of some help, [USER=1]@Ned[/USER].

Ms Tantie.
2017 advocate for Nathan Drummond - on the rise...
Yep - got it. Not easy to change but working on it.

I can't promise that I will be able to make this happen in the short term.

Please don’t PM me with help issues as I won’t respond. Use the Help & Suggestions Forum.
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Personally I don't care as I always use new posts not that list.
Now then now then now now then now now then then now now then. Now then!
Me Too
Egg, post: 1466954, member: 6437 Wrote:Personally I don't care as I always use new posts not that list.
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I used the same as Ms T on my phone.
Just as an aside, my time zone preferences for some reason changed to GMT -11 American Samoa :confused: Took me a moment to realise why the Superbowl posts showed as being posted on Sunday.

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