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C 80 presents Matthew Richardson
Join us for a HUGE night as we catch up with a much loved tiger, Matthew Richardson, who is also an AFL Hall of Fame inductee this year! In addition, we will have attending on the night Reece Conca, Shane Edwards, Brad Helbig & Kamdyn McIntosh.

Date: Tuesday July 22nd 2014
Where: The ME Bank Centre, Punt Road, Richmond
(3rd Floor, where RFC Social Club is held, please enter through the social club entrance next to the Tiger Store, not through the Main Entrance)
Time: 7.00pm sharp
Cost: $75 members, $100 non-members
Food & drink included (beer, wine & soft drink)

A RSVP to our e-mail address is required by 3pm Friday 18th July to allow us to cater appropriately. (Please note: All attendants must be 18 or over to gain entry).
Please note: Guest speakers and confirmed players attending may be subject to change at the last moment and at the Club’s discretion.

EMAIL: [email protected]

Sponsor 2019- Jack Ross
Great night last night.
Reece was on our table, an impressive young man, thoughful, open & engaging. Happily settled in Melbourne, house, dog etc, his partner has also moved over here with him.
Hard to believe Shane has been with us for 8 years, he spoke well too, has matured & is more confident. He doesn't really like being called 'Titch'. (Reece had another nickmane for him....they are mates.)
The camaraderie amonst the boys was very very evident. We have a great bunch at RFC.

One thing I was pleased to hear about (& I don't think I am breaking any confidences here), is that pre season all players take some type of test that measures brain function. This is used as a measure after a concussion & the player who was concussed takes the test again after a certain time has elapsed.

And once again through conversations etc it is extremely clear that 'the game plan' is not simple and straight forward, but has many twists & permutations & today's players have to be really with it to play AFL football

Sponsor 2019- Jack Ross
Not a bad night, first one I've been to in a couple of years, great feed!
Football doesn't build character, it just eliminates the weak ones

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