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What's a Reputation Comment?
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Reputation Comments
I didn't realise they weren't private either. Not that I am adverse to it, just didn't know.

All talk about privacy is a bit over the top on a public forum don't you think?
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4morein74, post: 1442017 Wrote:I didn't realise they weren't private either. Not that I am adverse to it, just didn't know.

All talk about privacy is a bit over the top on a public forum don't you think?

Well yes & no, we are talking about privacy for (mainly) anonymous contributors are we not?

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Elgreedo, post: 1441999 Wrote:If they're not private then it can't be an invasion of privacy can it? A simple impossibility I would have thought.

. . . I didn't see it as an invasion of privacy, because it's not private. Now that you know it isn't, you can proceed accordingly.


Your take on the privacy thing would be correct if everyone knew that the comments were not private.

As I have stated I didn't know that fact therefore comments I may or may not have made were on the understanding that what I attached to a reputation was only between me and the person to whom I sent it.

It is conceivable that what might have been written in that comment could be against the rules of posting on Y&B.

Can't recall if I wrote anything questionable by Y&B standards about your good self but don't intend going back through my various comments to check.

Anduril, post: 1442019 Wrote:Ooh I'm an 'immortal' now!Big Grin

Well done! :applause:
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Vosstiger, post: 1441926 Wrote:I voted No as I believe it is like a PM. Sometimes it is because you agreed with the post at others it is to give the poster a gee up when they may think all is against them. Yes you could do a PM but for a single sentiment unseen rep is much easier.
Finally have internet access after the move (thanks, Optus - you're as bad as bloody Telstra! :bangheadSmile & I see it is too late for me to vote.

If I had been able to do so, my answer would have been a resounding "NO". I wasn't aware that reputation comments were visible to all & agree with others who have mentioned the privacy aspect. Vossy has summed up my feelings very well - if I want a comment made public, I post it; if I want it to be private, I send a PM - that is MY choice.

Today is the tenth anniversary of my joining Y&B and, up until now, I thought rep was a PRIVATE matter. I'm pretty pissed off to find that I was mistaken.
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The votes are in and the "No's" have it.

Reputation is now private.

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