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What's a Reputation Comment?
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Reputation Comments
Gimme, post: 1441878 Wrote:I might just stop giving rep altogether.

If I started posting again would that help you continue to give Rep in the future?
Hello Birthday Boy, where's ya bin?

I waited at Pomeroys for you.
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I voted no simply because I thought the message was personal: for the recipient if you wanted to explain why you (of all people) were suddenly giving a thumbs up.

In the olden days, we used to display who had liked a post. That was fine as it gave an idea of who liked what and keen players could troll for votes (NTTAWWT). Post of the month etc.

I reckon that if we are making the comments visible, we should make the rep visible as well. Otherwise, keep it between the players. This is a bit of hybrid.
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If people didn't know before at least they know now that rep comments are public. That I think is the main thing.
I'd give you rep for that but I'm in a holding pattern on the whole thing.
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I was a yes too.
I thought it was a promotion for positive comment, so am happy for people to see why I recieve and why I dish it out. Angel
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I just assumed it wasn't public. Guess I made an "ass" out of u and me.

I maintain that reputation comments should be private.

Ms Tantie.
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Sometimes I like to bag out people when I give rep...happy for all to see the mean things I say about Black, Jase, Rumps and Claw...
Oh shit are they really public ?? bwahahahaaa ! Where can I view these ' public comments I thought were private ' ??

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I voted No as I believe it is like a PM. Sometimes it is because you agreed with the post at others it is to give the poster a gee up when they may think all is against them. Yes you could do a PM but for a single sentiment unseen rep is much easier.

Perhaps I am just lazy.
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