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VFL 2014 Round 4: Rich v Frankston
Rumpole, post: 1437140 Wrote:. . . No concrete shoes for you Gimme.

I'm so pleased to hear that, Godfather.

I've been practicing holding my breath in the event that I would be fitted with those shoes of which you speak but Esmeralda reckons it doesn't count holding my breath under the shower and has recommended a bath ¾ full of tepid water.

I don't even drink tepid tea!
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Gimme, post: 1437138 Wrote:Vickery is certainly making it difficult for his advocate to come up with a positive - still, "much better" is an improvement. [I'd better shut up before the Vicks Mafia track me down and force me to watch highlights of Vickery's career a la "A Clockwork Orange"]

No need to to come up with positives. Da Vicker is in the situation where he needs to walk the walk. The days of talking the talk are over. (not Just for whipping boys either.)

"said the actress to Da Vicar!"
I was at the Dolphins game and am amazed at the positive press that Vickery has got from Tim Clarke, the media and the RFC website.

He was poor in the ruck, with the Dolphins only making headway against us when he was playing in the midfield. His three goals where about the only times he beat his opponent all day despite having about 5 inches in height on them. He rarely chased, or tackled. His performance was better than the following week in the VFL but still far from inspiring.

On form, Aaron Edwards should be coming into our forward line this week rather than Vickery.
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