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VFL 2014 Round 1: Rich v Footscray
Claw, post: 1435274 Wrote:Given my daughter, her husband and my granddaughter live in the area I hope the criticism is wrong.

...just checked and after 2 years it looks like they are ok...

My stepson has lived there for a number of years.

He is raising two beautiful daughters, has his own home and an investment property, is happy with the local schools and loves the Footscray market with all its diversity.
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I have lived here since the mid 90's.

Markets and restaurants are great. Only 6k's to the city.

Joke's aside its a really nice place to live.

"said the actress to Da Vicar!"
Could be a full day out on the Tiges - 10:30 for the entree (Magoos) and then 1:45 for the main course

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My man Ben Darrou named among others who have done well over the pre-season and started off well in the practice matches. Looking forward to him improving again this year down back.
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C: Batsanis [COLOR="#00FF00"]Foley[/COLOR] Young

HF: [COLOR="#00FF00"]Lloyd O'Hanlon Banfield
F: Bathie Waite [COLOR="#00FF00"] Elton[/COLOR]

R: Wall [COLOR="#00FF00"]Arnot Miles[/COLOR]

Int: Townley, L.Conca, Wynne, Barlow, Gleeson*, Gilligan, Contin, McQualter, Keddell
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I must be tired because I could have sworn it said braithwaite was playing full-forward.

Daryl, Daryl, Daryl,

So very tired.
Does anybody know what's happening with Aaron Davey?

Ms Tantie.
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Nothing on the boards about him, Tants.

Maybe Luke'n'Cogs has some goss.
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He wasn't necessarily going to play every week was he? He has another role with the institute.
Yes, jools.

He's involved with the Korin Gamadji Institute (KGI) as well as the Flying Boomerangs which is to do with young Aboriginal and Torres Strait boys.
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