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Blind Tipping 2014
Hello all

Ok it is on again. Calling all taco eating couch throwing clairvoyants

As usual you will get the full list of games before the season starts. All you need to pick the winners of each game and get the tipping sheet back to me by the start of the season.

Start of season is Friday 14th March. If you would like to play just PM me your email address. I will send out the tipping sheets week commencing 1 March.

Past Winners
2013 Duncan
2012 Fightingfury, Broadsword and Gracie
2011 JustMike
2010 Shvtech
2009 TigerAdam and Jupps
2008 Dean#00 and JustMike
2007 fightingfury and Tiger10
2006 Jezza
2005 x-cited
2017 Advocate for the Rising Star Jack Graham
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I'm in!
[COLOR=rgb(255, 140, 0)]MY AVATAR: [SIZE=4]1967 WEG tiger[/SIZE][/COLOR]
Me too!
Great stuff Gracie. Thanks for running it again this year!
2013 Player Advocate of Reece Conca and Tyrone Vickery
Thank you for running this once again [MENTION=4835]Gracie[/MENTION]!

I'm in - PM is on the way!

Please don’t PM me with help issues as I won’t respond. Use the Help & Suggestions Forum.
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2018 - Official Richmond Cheer Squad Member
Ah, my favourite comp, in again. PM incoming Smile
I'll give it a go.
PM on the way
I'll be in just gotta get back from Sin City to send the PM

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Count me in Gracie. You have my email.
Proud advocate of the two Tiger hardnuts, Dusty 'Dont Argue" Martin and Brad 'The Wrath of' Helbig
Would love to join in Gracie. And like all of us on this site... we only have to tip the 7 other games.

Go Tiges :WeAreNotWorthy:
A dream doesn't become reality through magic, it takes sweat determination and hard work - C. Powell

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