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The 2013 Yellow Sash Award
We will once again run The Yellow Sash Award in 2013.

Last year, Trent Cotchin won his 2nd Yellow Sash Award in a row. Will he win his 3rd in a row in 2013 or will Brett Deledio win his 3rd? Maybe Ivan Maric, Dustin Martin, or Chris Newman may win their 1st.

Voting will be much more streamlined this year. I'll post a voting form each week with the 22 players listed. This will be posted by the day after the game. Unlike past years, your votes will be recorded in the database so you won't have the opportunity to view other member's votes until voting has closed for the round. Once the votes have been tallied for the round, I'll post a thread showing all the voting details and totals. You'll then have the opportunity to discuss your votes in the thread.

As far as voting is concerned, everything is pretty much the same as in past years. You award each of the 22 players that competed in the match 3,2,1, or 0 points depending on how you viewed that player's performance. A guide on what each of the scores mean and a complete list of past winners may be found [URL=""]here[/URL]. This information is available as an announcement at the top of the Yellow Sash Award forum list.

I hope to see a record number of members voting this year. With the votes being collected in the database, I expect to be able to process the results much quicker than I have in the past.

Please don’t PM me with help issues as I won’t respond. Use the Help & Suggestions Forum.
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