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2013 Player Countdown
43. Todd Elton

197cm , 90 odd kg. Can ran fast, jump high. Can take catch up high and below his knees. This was the form line coming out of the TAC. His selection against Adelaide in round 14 last year was a surprise and a mistake for my part. His 2 mark 4 disposal effort not what we required to get the win but probably reflects the desperation we have to find a CHF.

Ben Griffiths is likely to be ready well before Todd is. However his NAB Cup performance this year showed his ability to catch the ball is exceptional. Would like to see him kicking bags of goals in the VFL before we see him again at AFL level. Will benefit from the greater midfield depth at Coburg and would be a great year if he is putting pressure on Vickery for his position in the second half of the year.
Advocate of the next RFC premiership team
I hold out high hopes for Elton. I like his athleticism, and I love the way he marks the ball at its highest point. I think he's going to be a very good player for us, but I'm not expecting a lot this year. He needs to show more vigour, and must get stronger and more confident physically. I sat next to him at a function about 16 months ago, and found him to be a very likeable young man who was still very much a teenager, and lacking in worldliness. His turning point will come when he starts to mature a bit more physically and mentally, and when he starts to believe that he really belongs at AFL senior level. When that happens, and it will, he will be a vital part of our forward line. I can't wait, but he'll be worth the wait.
42. Fourmorein74 (a late and surprising addition to the Tigers list). 43 year old from the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Last played football 25+ plus years ago but coach Damian Hardwick believes that he is a project player with a big future.

At Glen Waverley Hawks junior football club was a nuggety back pocket with the occasional tagging role but hopes to eventually move into the mid field (don't all players!).

Resembles Barney Rubble in not only looks but also build (short, overweight and slow....) but plays with plenty of passion.

The Tigers see a promising future for this youngster (cough, cough) .

Sorry all but with 42 not allocated I just had to fulfill my boyhood dream of being listted with the Tigers
If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them - Henry David Thoreau
41: Nathan Foley.

Hopefully he won't get broken again this year, for not only is he a top gentleman, he's also a vital midfield Tiger cog who has that super-exciting ability to spring from one of those cartoon-like dust melees of flailing bodies and shoom goalwards like the roadrunner with a rocket in its tuckus to bag the big ones. Other names may get the glory, but they always look better when there's a number 41 in their midst.

Ms Tantie.
2017 advocate for Nathan Drummond - on the rise...
I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Nathan Foley is a high quality person.I've met him several times, and one of my friends is a good friend of his. I'm only saying that in order to demonstrate that I have some credibility on the question of his character. My friend has worked in "AFL club circles" for about 20 years, and he rates Foley as one of the nicest blokes he's met in all that time. That's quite a high recommendation.Foley is a very polite and considerate guy who is very genuine, sincere and approachable, with no airs or graces. Now if only he can get some good fortune and get out on the park on a regular basis. Hardwick said yesterday that he thinks about Rd 3.
No. 40 Cadeyn Williams 186cm utility 18 yo

After playing 5 TAC Cup games last year he spent the rest of the season injured. FJ saw him as a smokie who was overlooked mainly because of his lack of games or exposure. He can be good inside the packs, and can take a nice overhead mark. Last week for Coburg he played as a starting, inside mid, but can be played in several positions.
My impression of him, gained through a club 80 appearance, is that he is a polite, humble, well-spoken lad, eager to get on. I hope he surprises everyone. I don't see any lair or "bad boy" in him at all.As for his given name, I'm not blaming him, but his parents.Smile

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