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The Essendon supplement scandal
Apparently media announcement at 2.45pm today 5/2/13.

Robbo saying it is in relation to Essendon and injections (performance inhancing?)

Barratt says investigation to be announced.
This from Hun now.
This from 9's Barratt
Thank goodness it's not us. I presume this is the story that's been floating around for the past month or so.
2013 advocate for Nick "the Destroyer" Vlastuin (Floss-tone) aka "Tigger" AND Kamdyn "the name" McIntosh.
They couldn't even cheat properly!

Just amazing that recently we have had 3 clubs investigated for cheating, all in different ways.

If they are guilty I hope that they have the book thrown at them.
Proud advocate of the two Tiger hardnuts, Dusty 'Dont Argue" Martin and Brad 'The Wrath of' Helbig
Sounds like Essendon are in damage control.

Requested the investigation themselves given information coming to their attention in the last 48 hours.

Robbo tweeted earlier the Hun had contacted Essendon in Nov 2013 about this and they denied everything.

Also appears a player (past?) has spoken out.

Is this why Essendon are acting now?
I bet it's TRT. Lots of issues in MMA at the moment with it. It's legal ( at least it is in the US ) to have it in your system but only up to certain levels. Once the levels go above what is permitted fighters are getting banned.

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Essendon stripped of points, Watson stripped of Brownlow. Cotch & Mitchell are now joint winners!!!
Andrew Read
What does S Lonergan know?

Haere Ra
See the Bombers fly up up to win an AFL ban.
2013 advocate for Nick "the Destroyer" Vlastuin (Floss-tone) aka "Tigger" AND Kamdyn "the name" McIntosh.

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