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2012 Player Countdown
Good stuff FF. thanks
...till the final siren's gone...
7 years a Y&B member - thanks to all contributors over that time for making this my Tigers home away from home
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Vines, post: 410596, member: 1137 Wrote:Rich would be proud ff....
I am.

Thank you FF!! So much hard work - greatly appreciated by all - but specially me!
Paid up 2017 Member.
Jase30, post: 410299, member: 1274 Wrote:I see Dylan more as a versatile forward who plays on the more mobile players, both talk and short. He has no hesitation to run of his man and help out team mates, which shows a team first orientation. His disposals also seem to be quite good, which is a real bonus for when he does get the ball.

Thanks Nick Maxwell wannabe, so Grimes to kick the first goal? I'm thinking 250/1 sounds about right Smile
Paid up 2017 Member.
Well done FF.
Thanks everyone for the kind words. It was quite enjoyable really but it can also be surprisingly stressful at some times too.

I have to admit that my favourite part of the countdown is the end because that means it's nearly time for the Richmond season to finally begin. Go Tiges!
2013 Player Advocate of Reece Conca and Tyrone Vickery
Can you do a week-long countdown for round 2, too?

Thanks in advance,
Broady and co.
Marvellous FF, just marvellous
Fantasic countdown FF. Like a great mid-fielder, you've shown dazzling turns of speed and quick thinking skills - combined with amazing endurance, running just as hard at the end as you did at the start. Stoic, really stoic.
I expect that it is a weight off your mind that all you have to do tommorow is sit back and enjoy victory.
2012 Advocate for our own Number 23 Enigma: Daniel Jackson
Absolutely fantastic effort FF! Surely this isn't the end though, you've got to have one final, special post for game day!
...2012 Advocate for Cleo and Shaneo...
In the words of the immortal bard*, I dips me lid!

*I'm not alluding to Willie Wobbledagger, either.
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