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Supercoach 2012
I'm in the 2nd comp
Take a look at the first live episode of Footy Tragic on now on Channel 31. My mate Dan is one of the co hosts and he knows his stuff
I've joined the second league. I look forward to holding up the bottom of the ladder
Have just joined. Good work for organising! For the previous 3 years my Supercoach team was built on meticulous planning, watching normally unwatchable NAB cup games, reading + listening to every possible opinion about supercoach 'gems' and keeping all forms of notes. Result: failure to reach the finals in my own league. Not once!

My tactic this year is to put my team together at the very last minute, keep no notes, watch no crap NAB games, pay no attention to experts and hope for the best.

You have all been warned.
One of the game's great over-thinkers.......
I'm in !.... beware the Tiger Army

[COLOR=rgb(255, 255, 255)] [/COLOR] THOSE MIGHTY TIGERS !
I have joined. I look forward to WINNING the wooden spoon.
I'm team #17 in the 2nd league. Hope that makes me "Captain" !!! Smile
Paid up 2017 Member.
If all the Yellow and Black leagues are full, and your still looking for a league to join, then anyone is quite welcome to join my league. Still need a few spots filled. Thank you

league code: 568206
"They should have kicked 12 goals in that third quarter because they were right on top and hardly doing a thing right", Jack dyer
I can't log on to Supercoach atm :mad: Must be way too many people like me trying to access it now, this happens often right before the first game. Is this a conspiracy to get us to by the app? Dreamteam is no problem, and their app is free!

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