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Club 80 welcomes some old friends
Club 80 Catches up with
some old friends

Its been a while since we caught up with some familiar friends
of Club 80 so we thought wed get a few along for the next
function. Joining on the night will be Matthew Richardson to let
us know how hes getting on now that hes a media megastar.
Were still waiting on confirmation from our other guests and
well let you know who they are as soon as we can.

Date: Tuesday 24th August 2010
Where: The Central Club Hotel - 293 Swan St, Richmond
Time: 7.00pm sharp
Cost: $65 members, $100 non-members

Food & drink included (beer, wine & soft drink)

Once again an RSVP to the e-mail address is required by Friday 20th August to allow
the venue to cater appropriately.
Please note: Player attendance may be subject to change at the last moment and at
the Clubs discretion

EMAIL: [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL]

Sponsor 2019- Jack Ross
I will be going along to this one, could not miss an opportunity to see the big man at one of these functions Smile
Go Tigers !
Thought I would bump this the function is on tonight.

Unfortunately I will miss it..the late notice from Club 80 didnt help...oh well

I will just have to rely on reports from my good friends that do attend like Andy Mel Vossy etc...

Enjoy guys and gals and keep us posted...

[COLOR=rgb(255, 255, 0)]Proud sponsor of #11 Cleo in 2014 (who dissed me at the Players Sponsors dinner in 2015) Smile[/COLOR]
I'll be there! A very good night for lamb shanks
Football doesn't build character, it just eliminates the weak ones
Just a quick report.
Since 2000 C80 has raised/donated $120,000 to the Club.
Last night we presented Craig Cameron with a cheque for $60,00 for the Football Dept. [:-thumbu][:-thumbu][:-thumbu][:-thumbu][:-thumbu]

Sponsor 2019- Jack Ross
Well done on the contribution.
Anduril Wrote:Just a quick report.
Since 2000 C80 has raised/donated $120,000 to the Club.
Last night we presented Craig Cameron with a cheque for $60,00 for the Football Dept. [:-thumbu][:-thumbu][:-thumbu][:-thumbu][:-thumbu]
I gather that's $6,000, Andy - bloody good effort!
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seenitall Wrote:I gather that's $6,000, Andy - bloody good effort!

Might be $60.00 to cover match-day coffee? Big Grin
If you're committed enough, you can make any story work.

I once told a woman I was Kevin Costner, and it worked because I believed it.
I've got two words for everyone - lamb shanks! They were so good that they nearly trumped Richo for highlight of the night! Big Grin

Great night as usual, guests were Richo, Chris Naish and Craig Cameron. Again Dale Weightman hosted and brought his interviewing content to new lows - even Richo was embarrassed!

First guest was Chris Naish who is just a lovely, lovely guy. He talked about how he first came to the club and about living with Matthew Knights, Mark McQueen, Jamie Tape, Jason Torney, etc. Apparently Matthew Knights was charging $65 a week in rent per person when a renting a whole unit in the area only cost $70!! Big Grin

Chris spoke about the aftermath of the losing '95 preliminary final, the close bond that the team had and the disappointment of losing John Northey to Brisbane. He also said that as soon as Giesch came in, he told him that the club would be trading him.

He mentioned his two years at Port under John Cahill and Mark Williams. Apparently Cahill was a used car salesman and was pumping up Chris's tyres, saying that he was the best small forward he has ever seen Big Grin Chris didn't play many games due to osteitis pubis which wasn't well medicated at that time, then when Mark Williams took over, he told Chris that he was a nice bloke, but he was going to be delisted.

Chris now works with the AFL to help players gain employment after their football careers are finished. He has 4 kids - 3 of them are boys - and the eldest is already as tall as Chris. Chris suspects that his wife might have had a fling with Matty Primus while he was at Port - would certainly explain the height! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Richo was the next guest and was awesome as usual. It looks like retirement is agreeing with him - he said that he hasn't put on any weight, he doesn't exercise much now and that his hammy feels good. He sometimes wonders if he could have gone on this year, and really wanted to after hearing Dimma speak for the first time, but he thinks he's made the right decision.

Richo also spoke about the departure of John Northey and said that he really wished he had stayed on a few more years because he believed we had a special group and that we may have been able to go further.

Richo's media career was discussed. He recounted the interview with Julia Gillard at the Bulldogs game, said he was sh!tting himself when he heard he'd have to interview her. The best he could come up with was "at least you got to meet Barry Hall!" Big Grin

Craig Cameron was the next guest. I can't give you much as there was a bit of sensitive information, plus I like Club 80 and want to be able to go back again! Smile Craig confirmed that Dylan Grimes would be playing this week and that an announcement on Jack and Dusty would be made in the coming week. Smile

As Andi mentioned, Club 80 presented a large cheque to Craig Cameron - it was worth $60,000 (sixty thousand dollars!!!) - which is an amazing achievement! All of this money goes directly to the football department and the club is very grateful for the support. Club 80 members should be very proud of themselves Smile Smile Smile
2010/2011/2012 Sponsor of Jake King
seenitall Wrote:I gather that's $6,000, Andy - bloody good effort!

No $60,000.

Sponsor 2019- Jack Ross

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