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The 2010 Draft Thread
just look a player from east freo might be the son of 1980 capton bruce monteath been getting in the best the past 2 week might be one to keep eye on[:-thumbu]
Re: AFL Draft Dates 2009

I spoke to Monteath last year and he said he had a Son that "was getting a kick" over in WA. Could be him?
2010 Draft prospects

Fri, Apr 09, 10 By Matt Burgan
5:24 PM Sat 03 April, 2010
OAKLEIGH'S Andrew Gaff showed why he will be one of leading contenders in this year's NAB AFL Draft, starring for AIS-AFL Academy team with 32 disposals against Sydney Swans reserves at Blacktown Olympic Park on Saturday.

Gaff was the standout for the elite under-17 team, which lost to the Swans after a dismal first quarter.

Coach Jason McCartney said Gaff reminds him of triple Brisbane Lions premiership player Luke Power.

Along with Gaff, Sam Day, Western Australia's Harley Bennell, Vic Metro's Luke Parker and South Australian Brodie Smith loom as some of the top names to watch out for come draft time.
Re: Draft prospects

AFL Prospectus - Potential Top 25

Shaun Atley - 186cm, 81kg - Midfielder – Murray Bushrangers
Atley is a lively midfielder who is also comfortable playing down back. He represented Vic Country at the 2008 Under-16 Championships, playing three matches and averaging 17 disposals, four inside 50s and three clearances. In 2009 he played 11 matches for the Murray Bushrangers, averaging 20 disposals and an elite nine contested possessions per game which included four loose ball - gets per match – ranked seventh of the players to have played 5 or more games.

Harley Bennell 184cm, 71kg - Utility – Peel Thunder
Bennell is a creative, outside player whose run and quick hands bring teammates into the game. He played 22 WAFL Colts games in 2009 including the grand final loss to Claremont. He averaged 18 disposals and 3 marks per game, kicking a total of 33 goals. His most influential match was against East Fremantle in Round 12 when he amassed 23 disposals, took 10 marks and scored 4 goals. In his league debut in Round 23 he had 17 disposals and kicked 2 goals. Averaged 146 Super Coach points in the 2009 WAFL Colts final series

Lucas Cook – 195cm, 80kg – Key Forward – North Ballarat
In 2008 Cook played three matches for Vic Country in the NAB AFL Under – 16 Championships, averaging 13 disposals, three marks, and 4 inside 50’s, and also 5 matches for North Ballarat in the TAC Cup. He backed this up to play 15 games as a lead up key forward, scoring 14 goals at an accuracy of 64%. He also tallied 23 score assists – ranked equal 9th in the competition.

Jamie Cripps – 180cm, 71kg – General Defender - East Fremantle
Cripps first represented Western Australia at the 2008 NAB AFL Under- 16 Championships averaging 17 disposals, three clearances and four inside 50’s in four matches as a midfielder. He represented Western Australia at the 2009 NAB AFL Under- 18 Championships, averaging 14 disposals and four rebound 50’s playing as a predominately as a small defender. At local level in 2009 he played seven matches for East Fremantle Colts, averaging 16 disposals, and progressed to play the last four matches of the season in the reserves where he averaged 11 disposals and booted 6 goals.

Jack Darling – 190cm, 86kg – General Forward – West Perth
Darling is a tall forward with terrific speed and is strong overhead highlighted by his average of more than two contested marks per game in 19 matches Champion Data has covered. IN 2008 he averaged 18 disposals, 8 marks and seven inside 50’s for Western Australia at the 2008 NAB AFL Under-16 Championships. These figures included an outstanding performance against South Australia in which he had 19 disposals at an efficiency of 88%, nine marks including seven contested, eight tackles, seven inside 50’s, 4 goals and 4 goal assists to accumulate a whopping 308 Champion Data points – the most ever recorded in any game. At the 2009 NAB AFL Under-18 Championships, although undersized, he played centre half forward and averaged 13 disposals and five marks, while kicking 14 goals and assisting in another 15 scoring shots. He was subsequently selected at centre half forward in the under-18 All-Australian team. At just 17 years of age Darling made his debut at WAFL League level in Round 17, playing 6 matches at an average of 10 disposals, three marks and 2 goals per game.

Sam Day – 196cm, 80kg – Key Forward – Sturt
Day has played high-level basketball and is also an outstanding baseballer. He is athletic, has strong hands, competes well and played 6 matches for Sturt Under-18’s in 2009 as a key forward and ruckman. From those appearances he scored 9 goals and averaged 11 disposals and 10 hit-outs per match. For South Australia at the NAB AFL Under-18’s Championships, he racked up 37 disposals in 4 matches at an elite efficiency of 87%.

Andrew Gaff – 180cm, 75kg – Midfielder – Oakleigh Chargers
Following on from his impressive 2008 NAB AFL Under-16 Championships in which he averaged 20 disposals for Vic Metro, Gaff played 6 matches for Oakleigh in the TAC Cup in 2009 between school football and NAB AFL Under-18 Championship commitments and was one of the leading contributors. Playing in the midfield, he averaged 26 disposals, including 17 kicks per match, along with 11 contested possessions, 15 uncontested, and six inside 50’s. For Vic Metro his performances were also outstanding, averaging 25 disposals, 20 uncontested possessions and five inside 50’s per match from his four matches.

Daniel Gorringe – 197cm, 86kg – Ruck – Norwood
Gorringe played 18 matches for Norwood under-18’s in 2009, averaging 12 disposals, three marks and 29 hit-outs per match to be the leading ruckman in the competition. He also had 20 clearances for the season and made his debut at league level in Round 19 where he played 2 matches, racking up 10 disposals and 23 hit-outs.

Josh Green – 180cm, 73kg – Midfielder – Clarence
After playing at the 2008 NAB AFL Under-16 Championships in which he averaged 19 disposals and five marks per match, Green played all five games for Tasmania in the 2009 NAB AFL Under-18 Championships to be one of the most impressive players for his team. Playing through the midfield, he was a consistent performer, averaging 22 disposals per game, and showed strong ability in close, by ranking second in the championships for contested possessions with 10 per game, fourth in clearances with an average of five . He also pushed forward to score five goals and have four score assists.

Kieran Harper – 187cm, 75kg – Utility – Eastern Ranges
Harper played three matches for Vic Metro at the 2008 NAB AFL Under-16 Championships to average 14 disposals and five marks per game. In 2009 he missed the cut for the Vic Metro NAB AFL Under-18 Championship team, but played 9 matches in various positions for Eastern in the TAC Cup. Harper averaged 17 disposals and seven contested possession per match, with his best return for the season coming in the Round 14 win against Murray in which he amassed 21 disposals, seven inside 50’s, two goals and four score assists.

Dyson Heppell – 184cm, 75kg – Utility – Gippsland Power
Heppel played three matches for Vic Country in the NAB AFL Under-16 Championships, producing 18 disposals, 2 goals and five score assists in his first match against South Australia. He made his debut for Gippsland after that as a 16 year old in the TAC Cup in Round 11 and played in the Preliminary final loss to Dandenong. In 2009 he played 19 games for the Power predominately as a defender, but moved into the midfield at the end of the season to average 24 disposals, four inside 50’s and five rebound 50’s in his last four matches.

Jed Lamb – 180cm, 76k – General Forward – Gippsland Power
Champion Data only saw Lamb play in 2009 for Gippsland and, despite standing only 180cm tall he was one of the TAC Cup’s most influential forwards. He is a good overhead mark for his size, averaging one contested mark per game, and his ability to read the play and find space saw him take 85 grabs for the season including 16 on a lead. His tally of 47 goals, 25 behinds at an accuracy of 65% was elite, and his 21 score assists ranked equal 13th in the competition.

Thomas Liberatore – 181cm, 68kg – Midfielder – Calder Cannons
Liberatore is currently one of the best in-and-under midfielders at junior level. He played for Vic Metro at the 2008 NAB AFL Under-16 Championships and also played three matches for Calder at the end of the 2008 season. In 2009 he played 13 matches in the TAC Cup which included a premiership. Despite missing nine games he won 38 more hard ball gets than any other Calder player, and 28 more clearances, highlighting his elite inside work. His averages of 24 disposals including 18 effective, 13 contested possessions, seven clearances and sic tackles per match were all in the elite bracket. As his father, Tony, he is eligible to be taken under the father-son rule in 2010.

Rex Liddy -181cm, 82kg – General Forward – Southport
Liddy had two years playing for Queensland at the NAB AFL Under-16 Championships, averaging 13 disposals, four marks, four tackles and five inside 50’sper match. At the 2009 NAB AFL Under-18 Championships he played two of five matches with modest averages of 10 disposals, four marks, two inside 50’s. At TAC Cup level playing for the Gold Coast, he played 10 matches, predominately across half forward, and averaged 15 disposals, 4 marks, and four inside 50’s per game. He scored 6 goals for the season, but his 30% scoring accuracy and 44% kicking efficiency are areas of his game he needs to improve.

Scott Lycett – 202cm, 91kg – Key Forward – Port Adelaide
At 202cm Lycett is a key forward and also more than competent ruckman. IN 2009 he played eight matches for Port Adelaide Magpies in SANFL Under-18’s competition, averaging 16 disposals, five marks and 13 hit-outs per match, while also scoring 18 goals for the season including 5 against Glenelg in Round 10. He played six matches at reserves level and two matches for South Australia at the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships in which he averaged 11 disposals, four marks, including two contested, and booted 3 goals in total.

Steven May – 190cm, 83kg – Key Forward – Southern Districts
May first appeared at the 2007 NAB AFL Under-16 Championships. He played again at that level in 2008, generating 27 shots at goal in four games for a return of 14 goals, and also played in the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships that year. Playing as a key forward at the 2009 NAB AFL Under-18 Championships he presented well and provided strong contests to average 15 disposals, five marks, and kick a total of eight goals in five games. His total of eight contested marks ranked him seventh overall in the competition, while his seven marks on the lead ranked him second.

Viv Michie – 184cm, 79kg – Midfielder – Oakleigh Chargers
Michie’s date of birth put him in contention to be pre selected by the GC17 as a 17 year-old. He is quick and well balanced outside midfielder. In season 2009 for Oakleigh in the TAC Cup he missed 8 weeks after puncturing his lung in Round 1, but he played eight matches for the season to average 16 disposals including 12 kicks per game, booting 4 goals in total.

Luke Mitchell – 195cm, 83kg – Key Forward – Calder Cannons
Mitchell is a key position forward who played four matches for Vic Metro in the 2008 NAB AFL Under-16 Championships and also two games for Calder in the TAC Cup at the end of that season. In 2009 he played 12 matches for Calder and was instrumental in their success. His 28 goals ranked him equal 14th on the TAC Cup goal kicking ladder and his 80 marks at an average of 7 per match was elite, which included 26 contested and 21 on the lead.

Luke Parker – 181cm, 78kg - Midfielder – Dandenong Stingrays
Parker played 4 matches for Dandenong at the end of 2008 and 21 matches last season. In 2009 he won, the Stingrays B&F, leading the club in total disposals, handballs, contested possessions, and clearances. As a midfielder he impacts the scoreboard, booting 36 goals, the most of any midfielder in the TAC Cup, as well as assisting in 18 Dandenong scores. His disposal, clearance and contested possession averages per match, were all ranked in the elite category .

Jared Polec – 184cm, 70kg – Utility – Woodville West Torrens
Polec played for South Australia at the 2008 NAB AFL Under-16 Championships where he played across half back and averaged 7 disposals at an efficiency of 84% in three matches. IN 2009 he had a consistent season playing across half forward in nine under-18, two reserves, and six league matches for the Eagles in the SANFL. At under-18 level he averaged 19 disposals, four inside 50’s and two goals per match, while at league level, he made his debut and held his place in the side for the rest of the season to average 10 disposals and four marks per match, scoring a total of nine goals.

Brodie Smith – 187cm, 73kg – Midfielder – Woodville West Torrens
Smith can play across half back and midfield. He had a solid 2009 season, playing 17 SANFL matches including five at league level, along with five matches at the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships where he averaged 13 disposals per match. For the Eagles Under-18’s he averaged 27 disposals and six inside 50’s across seven matches and opened the season with a slashing 36 disposals and 4 goals against Central Districts. For the league team he tallied 32 disposals from his five appearances.

Jamie Solly – 190cm, 84kg – Key Forward – Port Adelaide
Solly represented South Australia at the 2008 NAB AFL Under-16 Championships where he averaged 15 disposals and scored 11 goals across three matches. Last year he played 16 matches at SANFL under-18 level, averaging 18 disposals and six marks per match while ranking fifth on the goal kicking ladder with 34 for the season. AT the 2009 NAB AFL Under-18 Championships he played 3 games to average seven disposals and two marks, while also kicking three goals from eight scoring shots.

David Swallow – 183cm, 78kg – Midfielder – East Fremantle
GC17 has already secured Swallow as one of its future draft picks which will see him join the club 12 months before the 2010 AFL Draft. He is a hard running half back/ midfielder who has averaged 22 disposals per match across his junior career. In 2008 he represented Western Australia at the NAB AFL Under-16 Championships and in 2009 he played at the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships, averaging 21 disposals, eight contested possessions and four clearances from five matches. Swallow tied for the Larke Medal as the Division 1 B&F player in the championships and he was selected on a half back flank the Under-18 All-Australian team. In the WAFL he made his debut at league level for East Fremantle in Round 16, playing four matches at an average of 20 disposals and kicking a total of five goals.

Mitch Wallis 183, 71kg – Midfielder - Calder Cannons
Wallis presents the Western Bulldogs with a second father-son option in the 2010 NAB AFL Draft after his father Steve played 261 games for the club. He was an elite ball winner for Calder last season, averaging 26 disposals, the most of any player not eligible for the 2009 NAB AFL Draft. His averages for disposals, disposal efficiency, uncontested possessions, clearances and inside 50’s were all elite. He had a purple patch during the season where he racked up 99 disposals in three matches, including 38 and 17 contested possessions against Sandringham in Round 18.

Blayne Wilson – 187cm, 80kg – General Defender – Peel Thunder
Wilson is a medium-sized defender with excellent disposal by either hand or foot. In 2008 he represented Western Australia at the NAB AFL Under-16 Championships, averaging 11 disposals, three marks, and three rebound 50’s. In 2009 he played in each of Western Australia’s five matches at the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships and was rated as its best by his coaches. His disposal efficiency rate of 88% was elite and the highest of any player in the Under-18 All-Australian team where he was selected at full back. At WAFL level he played 12 matches for Peel Thunder Colts, averaging 17 disposals per match. He made his league debut in Round 16, he played 4 matches and averaged 13 disposals and four marks per game.
Re: 2010 Draft prospects

Swallow already assigned to GC as it's 1st pick in the Nov draft.

Wallis and Liberatore both available to the bulldogs under the father-son rule. Due to the bidding system they'll inevitably have to give up their 1st and 2nd round picks for them. Of course, due to GC's concessions and the likely high finish of the bulldogs, that'll mean picks 25 and 41 approximately, which will be absolute bargains.
Re: 2010 Draft prospects

Like the sound of Mitchell, Cook and Day. We need some key forward marking options....

however, with so many deficiencies it might be best to go with best available with our first pick.


With Pick 4 or thereabouts, I'm hoping the quality of the top half dozen or so is fairly even, and then tapers off.
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Re: 2010 Draft prospects

Jack darling sounds good to me
Re: 2010 Draft prospects

dean_#00 Wrote:Jack darling sounds good to me

He does, but he's not key forward size.
Dustin Martin + Don't Argue = You on your Arse
Re: 2010 Draft prospects

Atley has me interested at our pick # 1 Big Grin
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Re: 2010 Draft prospects

TigerAdam Wrote:He does, but he's not key forward size.
So? Best available I reckon

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