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This is the new home of Yellow and Black Online
As mentioned in my last post on the site:

I am aware that some members of the site have voiced their concerns about the number of times that I’ve changed the software that runs on this site. I have made no secret of the fact that I like Yellow and Black to use software that I can learn from and perhaps use elsewhere.

With the forum software used by the now old site (Discourse) I dad to admit that I’d bitten off more than I coukd chew, that’s for sure. While I believe that the software itself is superior to other forum software that is currently available; for a ‘tinkerer’ like myself, it was driving me crazy! There were restrictions on many aspects of the software and I am unfamiliar with the programming language - Ruby on Rails - and even less so when it comes to the ‘container’ on the server in which it runs. The software doesn't even have a setting for closing the site!

Needless to say, this had reduced my enjoyment of the site as I no longer had the same control. I have tried offering to pay programmers to migrate from this forum to other software. The response is the same - it’s too difficult and nobody has ever moved FROM Discourse rather than TO Discourse so they aren’t keen to take it on.

Things to take into account with this new software:
  • 2018 posts won't be found here. I'm working on a way to get a read only or to migrate the discussions.
  • Your E-mail address is the same as what it was before the last software move. I'm working on updating them, so if you don't have access to your old E-mail address, send me a PM with the details and I'll fix the issue.
  • I'm working on the colour scheme Smile
  • Please don't log any issues (other than you can't login)
  • If you can't login, do a password reset (remembering that it'll go to the last E-mail address you had in December 2017). If all else fails, send me a message
  • Enjoy!

Please don’t PM me with help issues as I won’t respond. Use the Help & Suggestions Forum.
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