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Club 80 July 14 - Anduril - 29-06-2015

We look forward to catching up with our members for our first function of the year that shall be taking a look at our evolving forward structure.

Joining us on the night will be Shane Edwards, Ty Vickery, Liam McBean and Sam Lloyd.
Date: Tuesday July 14th 2015
Where: The ME Bank Centre, Punt Road, Richmond
(3rd Floor, where RFC Social Club is held, please enter through the social club entrance next to the Tiger Store, not through the Main Entrance)
Time: 7.00pm sharp
Cost: $75 members, $100 non-members
Food & drink included (Beer, Wine & Soft Drink)
A RSVP to our e-mail address is required by 3pm Friday 10th July to allow us to cater appropriately. (Please note: All attendants must be 18 or over to gain entry).

Please also note: Guest speakers and confirmed players attending may be subject to change at the last moment and at the Club’s discretion.

EMAIL: [email protected]

Club 80 July 14 - Mr Babilla - 08-11-2016

I see Club 80 has has some sort of resurrection. Now holding a draft night function (several days before the draft).

I used to like Club 80. Dropped right off it a few years back, can't see myself getting involved any more.