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    Jun 2012
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    Re: Richmond v Carlton Rnd 2 2014

    I'd like us to kick it to Jack in the forward 50.. I don't understand why Dimma has decided that kicking it just to JR is too predictable, but kicking it just to TV is less predictable.. At least Jack takes grabs and kicks them

  2. #12

    Re: Richmond v Carlton Rnd 2 2014

    A. Edwards, Knights, Jackson and probably King should all come in, not sure who for.

  3. #13

    Re: Richmond v Carlton Rnd 2 2014

    Well if you want realistic expectations...

    *dont expect the Hardnut to undo a full preseason based on a rnd 1 loss.
    *The cheats match up very well against us. Even our one win in the last too many head to heads agin them was only cause the ball bounced the wrong way. We are yet to prove we can beat them convincingly.
    *There is a very small chance that both teams have improved and the loser may still play finals (not likely but possible). This would mean that both port and suns are likely to play finals as well.
    *If we lose the media including/especially online will be
    *Its round 2. 20 games still too go.

    My hope is we have improved and the cheats will continue to go backwards. If that's the case we win.

    If both teams have improved (I doubt it) then this game is 50/50

    If we have not improved() we will most likely lose.

    A load of talk about the mental side of the game going on. Lose against 2 bogy sides for a 0/2 start will test the players mental state big time.

    "said the actress to Da Vicar!"

  4. #14

    Re: Richmond v Carlton Rnd 2 2014

    Walker has accepted his 1 match ban

  5. #15

    Re: Richmond v Carlton Rnd 2 2014

    And Carlton has given itself a shot in the arm, with the Mathieson rant about their recruiting......
    No.8 Dick Clay 213g(1966-76), Michael Roach 200g(1977-89), Alan Geddes 182g 1925-43), Jack Riewoldt 134*g 320goals(2007-)

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    Jun 2008
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    Re: Richmond v Carlton Rnd 2 2014

    3 times last year, we smashed the blues early, and 3 times we were reeled in.
    Advocate for #3 Brett Deledio
    - 2012 All-Australian and 2 Time JD Medallist

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    Nov 2008
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    Re: Richmond v Carlton Rnd 2 2014

    Speed and fitness is my only concern. We have a better list and more even spread of players.
    Proud advocate of the two Tiger hardnuts, Dusty 'Dont Argue" Martin and Brad 'The Wrath of' Helbig

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    Feb 2010
    Seville, Vic
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    Re: Richmond v Carlton Rnd 2 2014

    True Jase but I'm also worried about our methodology re handball and flat-footed players. Easily rectified!

  9. #19

    Re: Richmond v Carlton Rnd 2 2014

    if you have speed and fitness rump ole chum!

    "said the actress to Da Vicar!"

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    Sep 2007
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    Re: Richmond v Carlton Rnd 2 2014

    I had to go over to see my specialist at Ballarat today. (this is a 2 sandwich round trip for us)

    He's a bloody Carlton barracker!

    Said he wasn't looking forward to meeting us in this game (that surprised me) but the biggest shock of all was when he asked me why we weren't playing Jack at FF.

    I referred him to Vines.
    MY AVATAR: Brent Hartigan 2004 -07. Wore #33. 35 games, 3 goals. 2005 Rising Star Nomination.

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